2022 Review Roundup: What Customers are Saying About Matik

Rachel Skroback
November 17, 2022
5 minutes

Throughout 2022, we heard several success stories from Matik customers about how automating the creation of personalized, data-driven content has made a positive impact on their teams. Some of the top benefits our customers have reported with Matik include time savings, more meaningful conversations with customers, more data visibility, increased account coverage, consistency, and increased customer retention.

Read on to see firsthand how real-world Matik customers are benefiting from our platform.

Saves time

"Matik allows our organization to easily produce content that demonstrates value to our customers. Before using Matik, all data was bottlenecked through the analyst (myself), making it extremely time consuming to create data-driven content for our customers. As a result, it was difficult to show our entire customer base valuable data on a consistent cadence. With Matik, we can easily produce data-driven content for our customers within seconds instead of hours, which means we can reach many more customers with critical metrics that show the value of our organization." - Casey Romero, Customer Success Strategy & Operations, Solv

“Matik took the manual labor of QBRs and health checks and made it automated. It integrated with our system and we were able to make full slide decks from a click of a button. Something that used to take 30-45 mins can be done in 5-10 mins. It also helped with Health Checks on the client as it reported usage in an easy to read slide.” -G2 Review

“Easy creation and quick updates from the Matik team! Integrations with our Analytics platform allow for quick creation of decks in 2 - 3 mins that used to take 30-40. We no longer need to manually create the same client review decks and manually enter the data points over and over again. The time savings is incredible.” -G2 Review

Provides more data visibility

"Out of all the tools we have at Indio, Matik has had the biggest impact within the Customer Success org, no question. Customer Success Managers can now pull together a comprehensive 1-pager to share with their manager that helps them assess the health of their accounts. No more opening up multiple tabs, no more combing through data, and no more headaches! Just accurate, actionable insights that help us make better decisions and really be there for our customers.” -Tim Chin, Customer Success Manager Lead, Indio

“Matik provides an opportunity to identify gaps for improvement and celebrations for recognition for those that have earned it. Most importantly, it provides larger groups such as leadership insight into how things are going at an organizational level. Many tools lack reporting until they're able to get to a more sophisticated level as a product. Matik helps bridge this gap and allows you to provide digestible, user-friendly, and impactful data with a click of a button. Clients and myself are big fans of the demographic data points in place.” -G2 Review

Improves consistency

“Matik has helped us improve adoption of consistent and streamlined client narratives across our Customer Success and Sales teams, since it's so easy for them to pull the data they need instead of manually building their own ad hoc slides. It has also enabled us to more quickly iterate on data-driven content based on feedback from the field, which leads to a faster fine-tuning process for our narratives and more impactful stories!” - Alexis, Insights Manager at Glassdoor

“We use Matik for our Customer Success Motions. Being able to push the data and narratives to the field and not be tied up in corporate committees has been good for our team and our customers. We are now producing consistent value added content across all our geographies, we are no longer re-creating from the start, each deck for each user doing their own cowboy thing. We have a standard deck that each CSM can now easily take artistic liberty with and tweak for their customer.” -G2 Review

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