From Data to Compelling Content and Insights

Turn data into insights that customer-facing teams can use

Connect to a Data Source

Connect to any data source
Connect to a data warehouse, REST API, Salesforce, Google Sheets or BI tool
No ingestion, just querying
Matik doesn’t ingest data making implementation easy

Create Insights

Turn data into insights
Define insights as simple field lookups or complex SQL queries
Create insights in any form
Transform data into metrics, text, charts, tables, and images

Put Insights Into
Templates and Decks

Create data-driven templates
Develop fully formatted templates using Google Slides or PowerPoint
Automate quality control of content
Specify conditions under which certain insights or slides can be generated

Automate Personalized Content Creation

Personalize a template for a specific account
Tell Matik who a template is for, and Matik will create a version with data personalized to that account
Easily edit content after it's created
Use Google Slides or PowerPoint to edit any part of the content, even the data & visuals of tables and charts

Send Personalized Content

Attach content to emails
Automate the sending of Matik-generated presentations and one-pagers via email attachment
Use a static or dynamic recipient list
Send to a static list of recipients with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, or a dynamic one that pulls from your data warehouses and and apps
Compatible with
Google Slides

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