Glassdoor + Matik: How Glassdoor Increased the Impact of Their Insights Team

Casidhe Holland
March 25, 2022
3 minutes
“Matik has helped us improve adoption of consistent and streamlined client narratives across our Customer Success and Sales teams, since it's so easy for them to pull the data they need instead of manually building their own ad hoc slides. It has also enabled us to more quickly iterate on data-driven content based on feedback from the field, which leads to a faster fine-tuning process for our narratives and more impactful stories!”
- Alexis, Insights Manager at Glassdoor


As the worldwide leader on insights about jobs and companies, Glassdoor is on a mission to help people everywhere find a career and company they love, while focusing on increasing workplace transparency. One of the ways Glassdoor accomplishes this is by partnering with employers to promote job opportunities and helping them better understand their employee experience.

As part of this partnership, Glassdoor was providing employers with data-driven presentations that showcased the value Glassdoor brought them. While these presentations were vital to maintaining good customer health, they required a lot of data to be pulled and were time-consuming to create.

In an attempt to minimize this resource strain, Glassdoor initially outsourced contractors to run reports and pull needed insights for these presentations. But ultimately, this was not more efficient since it still took weeks to pull the needed data, and required a lot of planning and coordination.

The Glassdoor Insights Team needed to streamline the process for creating these data-driven presentations, and bring these valuable data insights to the entire sales & customer success teams.


Glassdoor implemented Matik by onboarding 19 presentation templates, including Business Reviews, Country & Industry Snapshots, and New Business Kick-Off Slides. Glassdoor’s most used deck was their Glassdoor Business Review, which is primarily used to show how Glassdoor is improving a customer’s brand and attracting talent to their organization.

The Glassdoor Business Review deck was particularly data-driven, and contained 153 insights. Without Matik, creating this deck would have required an analyst to run 153 data queries (up to 5 hours of manual work). But with Matik, all of these queries were run simultaneously and automatically put in presentation form, without the involvement of an analyst.

Now that data pulling and presentation creation were no longer manual, Glassdoor analysts could focus on scaling these data-driven presentations to the whole team. This, in turn, has enabled the sales & customer success team members to connect with more customers, influence more revenue, and make an exponentially greater impact on their organization.

Glassdoor is a perfect example of a company that scaled the impact of their data team with Matik in order to achieve larger business objectives. Check out the results below...


In the past year, over 600,000 data insights were produced via Matik presentations at Glassdoor, and were showcased to customers in the form of charts, tables, images, and data points. That’s 600,000 insights pulled from various data sources, and transformed into coherent presentations for use by Glassdoor’s customer-facing teams, without any extra work from a Glassdoor analyst.

Matik also reduced the time spent by analysts from >2 minute per query to less than 30 seconds per query, which is a time savings of over 10k hours across the insights team over the course of the year. That’s more than 190 hours saved per week (the equivalent of 5 additional analysts).

With the sales & customer success teams quickly adopting Matik, Glassdoor was able to generate over 16,000 presentations that delivered data-driven insights to more than 4,000 Glassdoor customers.

Alexis, an insights leader at Glassdoor, has found Matik to be a huge player in transforming their customer relationships: “Matik enabled us to more quickly iterate on data-driven content based on feedback from the field.”

Or as Alex, another insights team member, put it: “We are definitely #MatikFanatiks here at Glassdoor! #MatikToTheMoon #MatikManiac #DynamicDecks”

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