Send Matik-Generated Content Through Email with the SendGrid Integration

Casidhe Holland
March 30, 2022
1 minute

At Matik, we are focused on removing the data bottleneck, and making it easy to personalize data-driven content (like QBRs, pitch decks, and ROI one-pagers). Matik helps anyone pull personalized metrics, text, tables and charts into their PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations, and more recently, PDFs.

But once you generate content with Matik, what do you do?

Today, we are excited to launch our SendGrid integration. With this integration, you can attach your Matik-generated content as PDFs to your regularly scheduled emails more efficiently.

You no longer have to download your Matik-generated content and manually attach it to each email - your main way of sharing the content with your prospects & customers. This time-consuming process has now been simplified to save you even more time.

So starting today, you can not only create personalized data-driven content in minutes, but you can also easily bring this content to your prospect and customer conversations, where it will help you build data-driven trust with them.

If you are a Matik customer, reach out to your Matik representative to start using this feature. 

Want to bring Matik to your company? Request a demo or email us at

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