Introducing Slide Looping & Other New Features

Casidhe Holland
April 13, 2022
2 mins.

You asked, we listened! Today we are launching a few of our most requested features. From improvements that will help you scale with your team to making it easier to work with data sources, we hope you will get even more out of Matik. Let’s dive into these new features!

Slide Looping

Similar to bulk generation, slide looping bulk generates slide sections within templates. You can save time by using this feature to repeat sections of a template, and personalize each section to a different input value. For example, if you want a slide on feature usage for each quarter, you can use slide looping to have Matik pull in the data for each quarter onto its own slide.

Connect to Salesforce Reports

We have made it even more intuitive to pull data from Salesforce. When you create dynamic content, you have the option of directly selecting the Salesforce report you want to use instead of pulling in Salesforce fields.

Bulk Actions

We recognize that a core part of being able to maintain Matik for a large team is being able to make process changes at scale. That’s why we created bulk actions so you can get more done with just a few clicks. You can make changes to multiple dynamic content, including to permissions, tags and data sources.

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