Bring Matik to All of Your Data-Driven PDFs

Casidhe Holland
March 8, 2022
1 minute

As a former SDR at Matik, I used our tool extensively to create personalized Cold Outreach ROI 1-pagers for my prospects.

While Matik saved me a ton of time by generating these personalized presentations and populating them with data, I still had to download each presentation one-by-one as a PDF, so that I could attach them to my outreach emails.

This extra step was costing me a ton of time.

Turns out, I wasn’t the only one experiencing this problem. Many of our customers also preferred to share their presentations or one-pagers as PDFs, and they needed a quicker, more streamlined way to generate them.

That’s why we are now letting you Matik your PDFs with a click of a button!

When a Matik user is ready to create their next data-driven PDF, they simply check the “Include PDF” box, and then press the “Generate Presentation” button. When their presentation is finished, they’ll see a new “Download PDF” option, which will take them directly to their new PDF.

Check out this quick clip to see it in action, and start generating your PDFs today!

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