Make your teams more efficient

Stop wasting time manually putting together data driven presentations. Matik enables teams to speed up their processes for various use-cases.

For Customer Success and Sales

Allow your sales reps to generate customized content for all their accounts

Your reps spend hours putting together presentations for prospects/existing clients. Empower them to focus on selling and not putting together presentations
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Quarterly Business Reviews

Your reps don't have to choose which clients should get a business review/QBR. Generate a personalized presentation for each in minutes rather than hours.

Pricing Proposals

No more having to manually put together pricing proposals. Input your parameters and Matik will do all the heavy lifting for you.
For Marketing

Better manage all your customer facing content

Ensure that statistics are consistent throughout all assets and that every asset adheres to brand guidelines.
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Automatic updates

Stop manually updating all of your customer facing assets with your latest product marketing statistics. Make changes that get cascaded to all templates in a matter of seconds allowing you to update your statistics more frequently than just quarterly or yearly.

Content Management

Know which templates contain specific statstics and easily manage them through Matik’s user friendly admin interface. Create dynamic content that is tied to as many templates as you want.

Here's what our customers say

“Matik has been a game-changer for our reps! We were able to seamlessly onboard our templates in a matter of weeks.”
Amanda Englert
Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Envoy
“We saw impact immediately from Matik. The ease of use and ability to quickly pull data from different sources into a customer facing presentation has helped us increase our velocity and effectiveness as a sales organization.”
Jamie Sharpless
Strategy Lead - Business Operations
With Matik, Envoy was able to create several QBR templates that enabled their reps to generate customized presentations in a matter of minutes rather than hours.
“We have increased account coverage and are now able to create tailored ROI narratives for all of our customers instead of just a select few. This has led to a significant increase in our NPS scores and improved customer retention across all segments.”
John Gleeson
Head of Customer Success