How Greenhouse Scaled Account Coverage with Fewer Resources

Rachel Skroback
December 13, 2022
5 minutes
“Matik is one of my favorite tools I’ve rolled out, and it’s also one of the easiest tools I’ve ever seen adopted. End users instantly understand why they should use it. It saves time, makes jobs easier, and makes customers happier.”

—Calvin Multanen, Senior Customer Success Operations Manager at Greenhouse Software


Greenhouse Software is the hiring software company that helps businesses of all sizes become great at hiring. Based in New York City with offices in San Francisco, Denver and Dublin, Greenhouse has more than 800 employees around the world supporting over 7,000 customers. Some of the smartest and most successful companies like HubSpot, Buzzfeed, J.D. Power,, Scout24 and The Knot Worldwide use Greenhouse to improve all aspects of their hiring. One of the main differentiators between Greenhouse and other hiring software providers is it’s people-first approach to hiring. By encouraging organizations to embrace the philosophy of prioritizing people in all of their decision-making, Greenhouse enables their customers to create more equitable hiring processes that help them attract and retain top talent, and win at business. 

Given the number of applicant tracking system choices out there, the Greenhouse Customer Success (CS) team was tasked with finding effective ways to communicate product value and ROI that comes from using Greenhouse. To do this, Greenhouse maps its customers to its Hiring Maturity Curve, an assessment model that helps companies assess the effectiveness of their recruitment strategy so that they can work to improve their hiring performance, even when they're not actively hiring. They then share tailored, data-driven content to accounts based on where they are in their hiring journey. 

One of the primary resources that the CS team shares with customers is an annual account review, which shows how Greenhouse has helped them improve on actions like the time it takes to hire, candidate satisfaction, and informed decision making. The account review also lets customers know how they are performing compared to their peers through benchmarking data.

However, creating these account reviews was no simple task. Each deck differed based on the customer and which Greenhouse products they utilized, forcing team members to search for the latest template and pull data from multiple sources. Once the data was found, the CS team had to take multiple screenshots and manually enter data into the presentation. 

Eventually, Greenhouse leadership decided that every customer should receive a more personalized, white glove experience. With this in mind, the CS team had to figure out how to scale this lengthy process for every account.


One of the main challenges Greenhouse had was that their data lived in multiple locations, including Redshift, Salesforce and Gainsight. Greenhouse initially explored Gainsight’s Success Snapshots feature as a way to automate the creation of data-driven content, but the formatting and design were inflexible, and the chart types were limited.

By implementing Matik, Greenhouse’s CS team was able to automate the creation of personalized presentations for their customers. Matik’s easy-to-implement software didn’t ingest any data, made it easy to query multiple data sources, and allowed the CS team to have full control over every aspect of the deck. Within two weeks Greenhouse created a template of the account review deck in Matik, enabling team members to generate personalized versions for each customer in just a few minutes – instead of several hours.

Ultimately, Greenhouse decided to continue using Gainsight as their source of truth for when meetings should take place with a customer, while leveraging Matik to generate the necessary presentations for those meetings.

When Greenhouse started using Matik, they were delivering four key performance indicators to their customers. Matik allowed them to increase the scope of what was reported on, and now they have access to more than 150 data insights that can be pulled into presentations as needed throughout the customer journey. 

“Matik is my favorite tool in the CS tech stack. ATS is a crowded space, and being able to provide intelligence is a differentiator for us. With Matik, we can translate ROI for our customers in a scalable way, and share insights with thousands of accounts versus a few dozen. We can also do this better and in a more consistent way than our competitors, which helps us improve the customer experience and ultimately win at retention.”

—Rosa Gandler, Director of Customer Revenue Operations, Greenhouse Software


By delivering the right data metrics at the right times, Greenhouse was able to strengthen customer relationships, build trust, and prove the value of their product more effectively. Matik made it possible for Greenhouse to do this with more customers than ever before.

Before implementing Matik, only 19% of Greenhouse’s customer base received a touchpoint over a 12-month period. After only eight months of using Matik, this number grew to 25%, which was a total increase of 31.5%. This means over a quarter of Greenhouse customers have already received customized insights that help them become better, more confident hirers. With Matik, Greenhouse is expected to reach 100% of their dedicated and strategic accounts by the end of the 12-month period.

By automating the creation of their data-driven content, Greenhouse was able to generate 3,632 presentations for their customer base over the course of eight months, while saving their CS team a total of 10,714 hours (approximately 1,340 hours saved per month). Each customer success team member has been positively impacted by this lifted workload, and the team as a whole has seen strengthened customer relationships as a result.

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