Content on Matik: Partnerships Deck

Casidhe Holland
June 7, 2022
3 mins

Welcome to the latest post in our Content on Matik series. In this series, we will be taking a look at some of the innovative ways Matik customers have used data-driven storytelling to create compelling content, and build better relationships with their customers.

Meet the Partnerships Deck.

What is a Partnerships Deck?

A Partnerships Deck is essentially a pitch deck for partnerships - it highlights your relevant value props, gives an overview of your product and company, and explains to a potential collaborator why people buy your product and why they should partner with you.

Keep in mind that with a Partnerships Deck, you shouldn’t just copy and paste the same story each time. It’s vital to research your potential partner ahead of time to make this presentation as relevant and personalized as possible.

What is the value of a Partnerships Deck?

Perhaps you’re in a scenario where you keep getting compared to an adjacent product in your space that doesn’t quite do what you do, but has some awesome features that would actually compliment your offerings well and make your customers even happier with your product.

Instead of starting from scratch and building these features yourself, it could be smart to approach a partnership with this other company and find a way to work together that is mutually beneficial.

However, these relationships can be difficult to build - every company has its own interests, and there’s a lot of information and options out there.

A Partnerships Deck can be a great way to kick off a conversation with a potential collaborator, start building trust, and create an open dialogue around what you can give and what you’d like to receive in return.

What is in a Partnerships Deck?

Kick off your partnership deck with some introductions - have them meet your team! You should include headshots, names, and titles for all of the people whom your potential collaborator would be working with, as well as other relevant stakeholders on the team.

Next, highlight your mission and values - it’s important that you convey to any potential partner what you stand for, and make sure that their values align with yours.

Then it’s time to get into the nitty gritty - your product. Call out 2-3 high level value props of your product that are relevant to this partner, and the associated features or elements of your platform that relate to these value props.

You can even call out some of your customers’ successes with your product, as long as they are relevant to this partner’s space. If you don’t want to name specific customers, zoom out and show your market research: highlight the industries that you’re stickiest in today, along with the strategic factors that you’ve seen influence a buying decision when it comes to your product.

Lastly, include your action plan. What can you bring to the table for this potential collaborator, and what would you like in return? Being clear upfront about this can help manage expectations as well as set realistic goals for the partnership.

Don’t forget to include your potential collaborator’s logo throughout, along with visualizations of how your two brands would look side-by-side.

In Short

A Partnerships Deck is a personalized, data-driven way to kick off new business relationships with potential partners that can help you bring even more value to your customers.

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