Empower your less
data-savvy teams

Make it easy for teams to add personalized metrics, text, tables & charts into their content, without needing you to pull data

The power of Matik

Increased account coverage
Insights created
Hours/CSM/month saved
Hours/presentation saved

Maintain the quality of data driven insights across the company

Control how insights are derived by defining them through queries, and ensure they are used correctly by specifying the conditions under which they are generated (oh, and Matik doesn't store the data)
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Spend less time repetitively pulling data

Instead of you dealing with ad hoc data requests, teams tell Matik who the content is for and Matik adds the metrics, tables & charts in a Google Slides or Powerpoint deck that they can further edit as desired
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Enhance prospect & customer conversations
with data

Help drive revenue by building templates that equip the CS & sales teams with the data they need to effectively engage with prospects & customers
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With Matik, you can automate
Connect with prospects using deeper personalization
Quarterly Business Reviews
Pilot Reviews
Connect with prospects using deeper personalization
ROI Overviews
Connect with prospects using deeper personalization
Pitch Decks
Connect with prospects using deeper personalization
+ many more
Matik connects to
Microsoft Excel
Google Sheets
Google BigQuery
Rest API
Microsoft SQL
Microsoft Azure
Customer Story
"Before using Matik, all data was bottlenecked through the analyst (myself), making it extremely time consuming to create data-driven content for our customers…With Matik, we can easily produce data-driven content for our customers within seconds instead of hours."
Casey Romero, Customer Success Strategy & Operations 
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Customer success
of customers received
of accounts expanded revenue
Customer Story
"The ease of use and ability to quickly pull data from different sources into a customer facing presentation has helped us increase our velocity and effectiveness as a sales organization."
Jamie SharplessStrategy Lead, Business
Customer Story
"Matik has helped us improve adoption of consistent and streamlined client narratives across our Customer Success and Sales teams, since it’s so easy for them to pull the data they need instead of manually building their own ad hoc slides."
Alexis, Insights Manager
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Customer success
insights created
Customer success
analyst hours saved per week
Customer Story
“No more opening up multiple tabs, no more combing through data, and no more headaches! Just accurate, actionable insights that help us make better decisions and really be there for our customers.”
Tim Chin, Customer Success Manager Lead
Customer success
hours saved
data queries automated
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Connect to databases
Connect to apps
Connect through REST APIs
Define metrics through simple field lookups or complex SQL queries
Generate metrics, text, charts, tables, and images based on provided inputs
Create Google Slides, Powerpoint or PDF templates
Use the same slide with data-driven content in multiple templates
Enterprise Only
Use if-then logic to automate whether a slide is created in a presentation
See how often templates are used and by whom
Use if-then logic to automate whether a dynamic content is created on a slide
Enterprise Only
Maintain security through SSO
Enterprise Only
Automate the sending of Matik-generated content
Enterprise Only
Send personalized emails after providing inputs
Enterprise Only

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