Automate data-driven content for your customers

Easily add personalized metrics, text, tables & charts into your presentations & one-pagers, without needing the help of other teams

The power of Matik

Insights created
Accounts expanded revenue
Hours/CSM/month saved
Hours/presentation saved

Scale personalized customer interactions interactions

Create and send presentations & one-pagers with data specific to each customer, so you can deliver Tier 1-level attention to every single one of your accounts

Spend less time building decks through automation

Instead of depending on others, you tell Matik who the content is for and Matik adds the metrics, tables & charts in a Google Slides or PowerPoint deck that you can further edit as desired

Showcase product value and automate your customer journey

Develop templates that show customers the value they are getting from your product or service, and build a relationship based on data-driven trust
With Matik, you can automate
Connect with prospects using deeper personalization
Quarterly Business Reviews
Onboarding Reviews
Connect with prospects using deeper personalization
Connect with prospects using deeper personalization
Monthly Check-Ins
Renewal Decks
Connect with prospects using deeper personalization
+ many more
Customer Story
"We have increased account coverage and are now able to create tailored ROI narratives for all of our customers not just a select few."
John Gleeson, Head of Customer Success
Customer Story
"We streamlined our Quarterly Business Review process by 85%. It took us hours to put together a data-driven QBR for a client. It takes us minutes with Matik!"
Quentin Boseman, Manager, Customer Success
Customer Story
“No more opening up multiple tabs, no more combing through data, and no more headaches! Just accurate, actionable insights that help us make better decisions and really be there for our customers.”
Tim Chin, Customer Success Manager Lead
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Customer success
hours saved
data queries automated
Customer Story
"Before Matik, it took me 1-3 hours to compile the deck for my QBR and renewal calls per client. That's time away from selling activities or being on the phones with customers."
Mid-Market Account Manager
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Customer success
hours saved
Customer success
of revenue influenced
Access your team’s latest templates 
Send personalized emails after providing inputs
Automate the sending of Matik-generated content
Generate personalized presentations & PDFs after providing inputs
Enterprise Only
Edit generated content with Google Slides or PowerPoint
Mix & match slides from different templates
Enterprise Only
Generate multiple pieces of content at once
Schedule content to be generated at a later time
Enterprise Only
Find previously generated content using prior inputs

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