Supercharge your presentations with personalized data-insights

Automatically generate the right presentation for the right occasion with the latest data and brand guidelines

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Dynamic content is native and editable once your presentation is generated

Create dynamic content that is either text, charts, tables, or images all of which are native elements within the presentation once it gets generated in Powerpoint or Google Slides.





Make your slides conditional to either keep or remove them based on data criteria you set

Or even use conditions to dynamicly insert the right content into your slides

Implement granular access controls to maximize security

Adopt existing data permissions to ensure users have access to the right data. Also, set permissions on which users gets access to which templates.

Security at our core

Being Customer First is a core value of Matik and the foundation of this is ensuring that Matik is secure. If you have additional questions or comments around our security practices/policies please reach out to
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SOC 2 Certified

Matik has received both its SOC 2 Type I and Type II certification.

GDPR Compliant

We have made significant efforts to ensure Matik is in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Customer Story
”Being able to easily pull data-driven resources gives our team the tools to have really impactful discussions with customers. At this point, every CSM on the team would tell you that they could not do their job without Matik."
Bianca Longino, Senior CS Analyst
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Customer success
366 hours
saved on CS Team per month
Customer Story
“Matik is one of my favorite tools I’ve rolled out, and it’s also one of the easiest tools I’ve ever seen adopted. End users instantly understand why they should use it. It saves time, makes jobs easier, and makes customers happier.”
Calvin Multanen, Senior Customer Success
Operations Manager
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Customer Story
“No more opening up multiple tabs, no more combing through data, and no more headaches! Just accurate, actionable insights that help us make better decisions and really be there for our customers.”
Tim Chin, Customer Success Manager Lead
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Customer success
hours saved
data queries automated
Customer Story
"The ease of use and ability to quickly pull data from different sources into a customer facing presentation has helped us increase our velocity and effectiveness as a sales organization."
Jamie Sharpless, Strategy Lead, Business Operations
Customer Story
"This has improved customer retention across all segments."
John Gleeson, Head of Customer Success
Customer Story
“I spend significantly less time building decks and can shift my focus to presenting impactful data.”
Mid-Market Account Manager
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Customer success
hours saved
Customer success
of revenue influenced