Motive + Matik: How Motive Grew Account Coverage 3.4x with Matik

Casidhe Holland
June 22, 2022
4 mins
“Since onboarding Matik, we’ve more than tripled the percentage of customers we share personalized data with, and that number keeps growing every day! Matik’s quickly become an essential part of how we build value and relationships with our customers here at Motive.”

- Samantha Schwartz, Director of Customer Success-Commercial at Motive


Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) is a fleet management company that is on a mission to connect the world’s trucks by bringing the industry online and fundamentally changing the way freight is moved. Motive offers both hardware products and a software platform, which means they have a lot of different information to convey to their customers, and different types of value that can be derived from their products.

The Customer Success (CS) team leveraged Executive Business Review (EBR) presentations to share usage data around their hardware and software solutions, and the ROI that customers received from Motive’s products. While these presentations were vital for maintaining customer health and building trust between the customer success manager (CSM) and the customer, the CS team was finding them difficult to maintain. It was hard to find the latest templates, and then even more time-consuming to personalize them for each account.

At the same time, Motive wanted to increase the number of accounts they provided these personalized EBRs to, and find new ways to make their customers even more successful. But before they could do that, they also needed to create a single source of truth for their decentralized templates and to reduce the time it took to create an EBR.

"Matik has been game changing for our business. Out of all the platforms we use it has driven the most time-savings for our customer success organization. We have increased account coverage and are now able to create tailored ROI narratives for all of our customers instead of just a select few. This has lead to a significant increase in our NPS scores and has improved customer retention in all segments."

- John Gleeson, VP of Customer Success at Motive


Motive needed a solution that could automate pulling data and personalizing these EBRs, as well as be easy enough to use that their CS team could start creating EBRs for more of their accounts. So they decided to use Matik and onboarded an EBR presentation.

With Matik, Motive’s CS team no longer had to search through multiple Slack messages, Google Drive folders, or email threads to find the most up-to-date EBR template. Instead, the latest, marketing-approved version lived right in Matik. CSMs went into Matik, selected the EBR template, told Matik for which accounts they wanted a personalized EBR, and clicked “Generate.”

CSMs were also able to personalize EBRs based on product line - by telling Matik which products their customers were using, Matik could deliver valuable insights based on that suite of solutions. In minutes, Matik delivered a presentation personalized to each client and full of data-driven insights, that was ready to go for their next customer meeting.

Matik ensured that every EBR put in the hands of a Motive customer was current, consistent, and on-brand. And since Matik’s automation cut down the time it took to create these presentations, Motive CSMs could now deliver these trust-building data points to more of their customers than ever before.


Motive CSMs used Matik to generate 3,607 presentations over a 12 month period. This exercise would have normally taken the CS team more than 1,544 hours over the course of a year before implementing Matik. With Matik, they saved more than 1,420 of those hours - a time savings of more than 118 hours for the CS team per month!

This time savings allowed Motive to grow their account coverage from 15% to 66% of their customer base. That’s a 3.4x increase in the number of their accounts touched with personalized content! Overall, more than 92,800 data insights were shared across more than 2,000 customers.

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