Matik's Impact at Handshake: A Case Study

Casidhe Holland
February 8, 2022
2 minutes

Handshake has changed the way they deliver data insights to their customers with Matik

"I spend significantly less time building decks and can shift my focus to presenting impactful data.”

- Handshake Mid-Market Account Manager


Handshake connects students with jobs and employers with talent. In doing so, they sit on a unique data lake filled with hiring strategies, employer information and education trends.

Spotlighting insights from this data is key for Handshake sales and success teams to show value to customers. The challenge is how to tell the right narrative with this data at scale. As one Handshake Account Manager stated, “Before Matik, it took me 1-3 hours to compile the deck for my QBR and renewal calls per client. That's time away from selling activities or being on the phones with customers.”

How do you get a tailored narrative into the hands of your front line employees to share with all of their customers?


Handshake worked with their marketing and success teams to develop the ideal quarterly business review complete with partnership results, market trends and opportunity areas. While having a standardized template alone is helpful, customizing and tailoring it to each customer and industry is still time consuming for both analysts and sales / success teams. It s likely most customers would never even see this valuable presentation given those limitations.

With Matik, Handshake was able to achieve that scale plus customization for each account. We directly connected to their database and tagged a variety of charts, data points and tables tailored to each of their customers. Before, a single slide like the one below would be filled out by collecting data points on multiple dashboards or asking analysts to run multiple queries; taking hours if not days. With Matik, it generates in seconds.


Handshake has saved thousands of hours across their success team and put some of their most valuable insights into the hands of hundreds of key customers. Over half of their closed-won revenue* has been influenced by Matik-generated presentations delivered to customers.

The customer success team can now open Matik, input a few pieces of account information (name, date range, industry) and download a fully complete 48-slide, tailored presentation in minutes. This results in hours of saved time per customer and allows users to spend that time more strategically. As one strategic account executive put it, "I can be more creative about how I leverage data throughout a sales cycle or renewal cycle because I do not need to wait on others to get the information."

The analytics team can scale data discoveries across regionally distributed teams much faster than they would originally. Over 30k data queries have been generated in total which would have represented hundreds of ad-hoc analyses in the past.

Most importantly, Handshake now has the ability to be nimble and improve sales motions by having their narratives customizable and accessible in one place. They can quickly adapt to an ever-changing sales landscape and empower all of their customers with the insights they need to be successful.

*Calculated by analyzing revenue from closed-won opportunities of accounts with Matik presentations generated before closing.

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