How Matik Uses Matik: 5 Steps to Sending Personalized Cold Outreach at Scale

Casidhe Holland
February 8, 2022
4 minutes

Part 2 of an ongoing series on how we use Matik at Matik

We recently read an awesome article on how Gong uses their own product. Inspired, we decided to share how we use Matik with our own customers.

But first things first…

Meet Matik!

What marketing automation did for email, Matik is doing for the world of customer presentations.

Our bread and butter is automating the generation of data-driven documents so your reps can ditch the admin work and focus on what matters most - your customers!

The tool works by connecting your templates to any data source (CRM, databases, BI tools, etc.) to allow your reps to create highly personalized PPT or Slides presentations for every opportunity or account with the click of a button.

My Story

As an SDR at Matik, I noticed that our clients were mostly AEs, CSMs, and AMs who were using the tool to quickly send customized pitch decks, business reviews, renewal decks, and more to their leads and customers.

And to be honest, I was a little jealous.

At the time, I was spending hours mining LinkedIn profiles for personalized tidbits that I could use in my emails to build rapport and value. And I was quickly realizing that there wasn't enough time to do this effectively for every, single one of my prospects.

I thought, there has got to be a more efficient and creative way to connect with our potential customers, and maybe I can use Matik to do it.

And so the Cold Outreach one-pager was born!

Check out how I went from spending hours scrolling through LinkedIn profiles to spending minutes on 5 simple steps to create personalized one-pagers for every, single one of my prospects.

Step 1: The Use Case & Research

I use this one-pager in my cold email campaigns to show my prospects the potential value they would receive from Matik, and the ROI number I present is based on what I learn from a simple LinkedIn Sales Navigator search.

Let’s say I’m reaching out to Sales Managers at a fictional company called SimpleTicket, and want to show them how Matik can make their reps more efficient and effective.

Through a Sales Nav search, I filter by "Company" (SimpleTicket) and "Title" (Account Executive, Account Director, Sales Specialist, SDR, and BDR).

From this search, I quickly learn that there are 17 reps on the sales team at SimpleTicket. With this information, I head on over to Matik.

Step 2: The Inputs

Once in Matik, I click on my Cold Outreach one-pager template, and fill in a few quick fields. These are called “Inputs,” and they tell Matik what data to pull into my template to tailor it to my prospect.

From my Sales Navigator research, I already know the company name and number of sales reps, so I enter those fields in first.

Then, I make a couple of assumptions. I know that, on average, most reps spend 10-15% of their time building presentations, and I also know that if we’re a good fit, Matik should give them 80-90% of that time back. I’m reaching out to SimpleTicket’s Sales Managers, so I select “Sales” as my prospect's function.

When I'm finished, this is what I see in Matik:

Step 3: The Data

Using the Inputs I’ve provided, Matik runs the number of reps and the % of time spent and saved through an ROI calculator I've already built in a Google Sheet, which my Matik admin connected to this template.

Now, instead of manually inputting those numbers into that calculator myself, then copying and pasting the results into a chart, then formatting that chart, Matik does all the work for me.

Almost instantly, Matik spits out the one-pager with an ROI table that is already formatted and filled with the data that’s relevant to my potential customer, SimpleTicket.

Step 4: The Finished Presentation

The end result is customized, consumable content that I was able to make in less than 3 minutes!

I save it as a PDF, and send it off to every, single one of my prospects at SimpleTicket.

I even have two different versions of the template - one for Sales, and one for Customer Success - so the value props and the use case are tailored directly to my lead’s persona.

Step 5: IMPACT

Don’t get me wrong - the old LinkedIn profile research approach is tried and true, and holds value. I still scour LinkedIn for personal data to pull into clever, individualized emails for my highest-value leads.

But, in my experience, that method doesn’t scale.

This Cold Outreach one-pager has completely changed the way I think about emails and interacting with my prospects.

Matik gives me a way to connect with all of my prospects on a personal level, and send them tailored, relevant content, while also giving me hours back in my day.

Want to chat more about how Matik can help enable your GTM or CS team? I would love to meet you :)

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