Envoy Saves Time on Personalized Customer Presentations with Matik

Rachel Skroback
November 29, 2022
3 minutes

Envoy is a visitor management software company that serves more than 13,000 offices around the world. The organization and its customer base grew rapidly, and Envoy’s customer success team needed to implement solutions that would help them keep up with their ever-growing number of accounts. In order to continue personalizing every customer touchpoint like they did when the company was smaller, they needed a way to scale some of their CS operations while doing more with less.

The CS team at Envoy chose to implement Matik so their CSMs could create more personalized customer-facing presentations in less time. Matik enabled the team to generate custom, data-driven presentations for customers in just a few minutes rather than hours. Check out the video below to hear from Amanda Englert, Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Envoy, about why their team loves using Matik.

“You don’t always have 8-10 hours to pull together a presentation for a customer. I just love that the morning of [a meeting], I can come into the tool [and] pull the data. It’s accurate, I can rely on it, customize it to the point that I need, and I can go to my meeting feeling confident. The team loves Matik — we would not be able to do our jobs as well as we do without it,” Amanda said.

To learn more about what customers are accomplishing with Matik, check out our case studies.

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