Content on Matik: Year in Review One-Pager

Casidhe Holland
May 25, 2022
2 mins

Welcome to the latest post in our Content on Matik series. In this series, we will be taking a look at some of the innovative ways Matik customers have used data-driven storytelling to create compelling content, and build better relationships with their customers.

Meet the Year in Review One-Pager.

What is a Year in Review One-Pager?

A Year in Review One-Pager is a single slide presentation that reviews your customer’s performance on your platform over the course of the past 12 months.

The key to a successful Year in Review One-Pager is to highlight only the KPIs or metrics that are most relevant to your customer, and which align with their overall business goals. 

Additionally, this presentation shouldn’t just be a data dump. You should use this one-pager as an opportunity to congratulate your customer on their wins and point them in the direction of additional steps or resources that could help make them even more successful.

What is the value of a Year in Review One-Pager?

Year in Review One-Pagers can be valuable resources for assessing the overall health of your customer, getting your customer on a call for a face-to-face conversation, and helping your customer feel supported in addressing any improvements they should be making to the way they use your product.

Perhaps your customer is on a two-year contract, and their first 12 months are coming to a close. You could use a Year in Review One-Pager as a litmus test to help you gauge the health of this account at the 12 month mark. Refresh your own memory on what your customer’s high-level goals were for the first two years, and show them how they are performing on those goals. If they’re falling behind, use this one-pager as an opportunity to share resources or best practices to get them back on track well in advance of the renewal.

Or maybe your customer’s renewal is coming up soon, but they’ve been busy and you’re having a hard time getting them on a call to discuss their plans for that renewal. Use the Year in Review One-Pager to put something quick and easy-to-read in front of them that shows them the value they’re currently getting from your product, and the greater value they could see from leveraging additional features or best practices.

What is in a Year in Review One-Pager?

Kick off your Year in Review One-Pager by highlighting 3-4 metrics at the top that you and your customer agreed upon as mutual KPIs or goals for the past 12 months.

Use visualizations to make this data easy to look at and understand. This is especially important, as you’ll be using the bottom half of the one-pager to dive into specific recommendations for your customer, which can be a more text-heavy section. In this bottom section, include 3-4 bullet points that correspond to your 3-4 high-level KPIs listed at the top. 

Break each of the metrics in these bullet points down and dig deeper - did the customer perform well on one particular metric? Call that out and congratulate them for any growth they’ve seen as a result of their performance in this area.

Conversely, did the customer underperform on a metric? Don’t shy away from that! Highlight that, and point them in the direction of your knowledge base, case studies, research, or other resources you have available to give them the support they need to improve.

By breaking down your customer’s performance on your platform over the course of a year, and sharing specific, relevant advice, you can continue to build credibility, trust and a stronger partnership with your accounts.

In Short

A Year in Review One-Pager is a quick and easy way to assess the overall health of your accounts, congratulate your customers’ wins, and address any pitfalls that are keeping your customer from maximizing their success with your product.

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