Content on Matik: Business Review

Casidhe Holland
June 14, 2022
3 mins

Welcome to the latest post in our Content on Matik series. In this series, we will be taking a look at some of the innovative ways Matik customers have used data-driven storytelling to create compelling content, and build better relationships with their customers.

Meet the Business Review.

What is a Business Review?

A Business Review is a several slide presentation that you can share with customers on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. This presentation should focus on getting everyone in the room aligned, showing progress, and addressing any potential churn risk in the account.

With a Business Review, remember that data is king, but try not to get too into the weeds. Too much data and the conversation will lack focus; too little data and you miss an opportunity to demonstrate the value you’ve built in the account to date.

What is the value of a Business Review?

A Business Review is an opportunity to foster relationships with your customer and address any churn risk in the account well in advance of the renewal.

Perhaps your customer purchased your product for a specific reason, but their internal goals have since changed and you’ve noticed their usage decline in recent months. Use a Business Review to start a conversation with your customer around how they’ve pivoted and suggest other ways your product can help them.

Or maybe you’re in the opposite situation - your customer is crushing it in your product! Use the Business Review to celebrate this success and adjust your customer’s goals to reflect their growth.

In both of these scenarios, the value of the Business Review is in the dialogue it opens up between you and your customer. Take advantage of this chance to learn more about their business and their needs, and to build a deeper connection between their company and your product.

What is in a Business Review?

There are four key sections to a Business Review - Introductions, Objectives, Success & Recommendations, and Next Steps.

See any new faces in the room? It’s always best to lead with reintroducing yourself to the customer and confirming no one has left or joined on their end. This includes figuring out the people who aren’t in the room (or on the call), but who could be key decision makers.

Next, confirm the objectives and metrics that you and your customer agreed upon for the duration of this contract. Are these goals still the same as the last time you chatted? Have any of them grown in importance or urgency? Discussing this during the Business Review can help you spot any gaps and identify the highest-level targets you need to hit before the next renewal.

The bulk of your presentation should be spent on the third section - Success & Recommendations. Lead with a few key insights to start the conversation, and show your customer how they’re tracking to date on the goals you agreed on in the Objectives section. Make sure to address any blockers, provide recommendations for how your customer can be even more successful, and ask for feedback on what they would like to see in the next Business Review.

Use the last few minutes of your Business Review to agree on next steps and set up a renewal call. Your customer will appreciate the clarity, and you can walk away knowing you’ve taken another step toward building a dependable, transparent, and credible support relationship.

In Short

A Business Review is a personalized, data-driven way to foster relationships with your customer and address any churn risk in the account well in advance of the renewal.

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