QBR One-Pager Template

A QBR one-pager is a brief, at-a-glance, yet data-driven resource that can be used by customer success teams to summarize key insights from a quarterly business review. In contrast with a full QBR presentation, a one-pager includes only the most essential insights and is used to provide high-level updates for customers. One-pagers should be easily digestible, which means design and hierarchy are crucial. The ideal QBR one-pager should include the data that is most relevant for your customer. For example, based on your customer’s goals and objectives, you may decide to include benchmarking data, ROI insights, usage data, or adoption recommendations. This resource includes tips and tricks for creating a QBR one-pager that resonates with customers, as well as a QBR one-pager example from a fictional company called SimpleTicket.
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What's inside
Tips for creating a QBR one-pager that resonates with customers
A customizable QBR one-pager template
Suggestions for key insights to include
How to simplify a full QBR into a one-pager structure
Ideal QBR one-pager structure
How to scale data-driven content