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How it works

Connect to a
data source

Connect to any data warehouse or app, or even through REST APIs - Matik just queries the data and doesn’t need to ingest it.


Define metrics & visualizations

Use simple field lookups or complex SQL queries to define metrics that can then be added to your presentation as text, tables, charts, or images.


Create data-driven content in seconds

Just provide Matik with a few inputs (like who the deck is for, the date range), and Matik will query the data & create the deck in Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint.

Compatible with
Google Slides
Great for teams in customer success, sales, marketing, finance, and anyone who is always using data in their presentations
Creating Content
Access your team’s latest templates
Just provide inputs to create personalized presentations in minutes
Edit Matik-generated presentations with Google Slides or PowerPoint (including tables and charts)
Search previously generated presentations by inputs
Generate 5 presentations through Matik per month
Building Templates
Connect directly to databases & apps, and through REST APIs
Create presentation templates using Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint
Tell Matik how to query data, how it should appear in the presentation, and where it should go on a slide
Use if-then logic to automate whether a slide is created in a presentation
Include up to 5 team members on your Matik account